8. Advanced Technologies and Intelligent Applications for Unmanned Systems
Summary: In recent years, unmanned systems have attracted more and more research interests, especially in industrial robots, autonomous mobile robots, unmanned surface vehicle, and unmanned aerial vehicle, which can realize industrial intelligence and future war intelligence. The advanced technologies and intelligent applications for unmanned systems is a highly enlightening and promising topic. Meanwhile, with the integration with artificial intelligence, machine learning, data mining, signal processing and other technologies, many intelligent applications of unmanned systems are fast growing and widely applied. This invited workshop aims to bring world-class researchers to present state-of-the-art research achievements and advances that contribute to unmanned systems in terms of control theory, environment perception, sensor fusion, software engineering, and their intelligent applications.

Keywords: Unmanned systems, control technique, information processing, artificial intelligence
Advanced technique of unmanned systems
Integrated perception, information processing and autonomous control
Deep learning techniques for autonomous robots in perception and control
Cooperation and cluster control for unmanned systems
Human-robot interaction for autonomous manipulators
Artificial intelligence applications for autonomous vehicles
Data science in autonomous vehicle systems
Vehicle localization, mapping and connection
Collaborative perception and control of vehicle swarms
High safety and reliability communication networks
Simulation and verification of unmanned systems