7. Data Driven Aeroengine Health Management Technology

Summary: Aeroengine is one of the most complex and multidisciplinary engineering mechanical systems nowadays. Due to environment is severe, and it is easy to cause performance degradation or various mechanical failures, which poses a great threat to flight safety. Aeroengine health management technology is not only an important technical means to ensure flight safety, but also a basic method for airlines and aeroengine manufacturers to reduce maintenance and support costs and scientifically manage spare parts. However, the modeling mechanism of aeroengine is complicated, the fault types are various, and the flight parameters have the characteristics of massive, high-dimensional and nonlinear, which brings great challenges to the health management of aeroengine. Data driven approach has become a research hotspot in the field of aeroengine health management because it does not require complex physical models. In recent years, AI technology based on big data has made significant progress and played an important role in aeroengine life assessment, digital modeling of key components, engine fault diagnosis, engine intelligent maintenance and other fields. The purpose of this workshop is to collect the research results provided by academic and industrial researchers, so as to introduce, discuss and exchange ideas, results, work and experience of data-driven aeroengine health management technology. We look forward to your discussion on new theories, technologies and applications in relevant fields. Together, we can promote the development of intelligent aeroengine health management system.

Keywords: Data driven, aeroengine, health management, failure diagnosis, life assessment

Aeroengine health management technology
Aeroengine life assessment technology
Digital modeling technology of key components
Aeroengine failure diagnosis technology
Aviation composite material monitoring and testing technology