6. Application of Knowledge Graph in Software Engineering

Summary: Software is the core of intelligent development such as robotics. How to quickly develop high-quality software products is a severe challenge of current software engineering. In the recent years, many researchers and practitioners have focused on AI assisted software engineering. However, existing research on intelligent software development is still at a relatively low level. Knowledge graph is an important cornerstone of artificial intelligence, and the existing research on knowledge graph is mainly oriented to open domain knowledge graph, which cannot be directly applied to the field of software engineering. In order to promote intelligent software development, knowledge graph construction and optimization related techniques and methods for software engineering problems need to be studied urgently. Including but not limited to: Software related knowledge representation, reason and use a knowledge base to solve complex software problems, such as software vulnerability detection, code clone detection, and software supply chain security, etc.

Keywords: Knowledge representation, knowledge graph, software development, software security, code clone
Software Related Knowledge Representation
Knowledge Graph Assisted Safety of Robotics System
Knowledge Graph Assisted Security and Privacy of Robotics System
Domain Knowledge Graph Construction for Software Product
Source Code-Oriented Knowledge Graph Construction
Software Quality Assurance Based on Knowledge Graph
Knowledge Graph Construction for Software Security
Supply Chain Security -Oriented Knowledge Graph Construction and Application
Named Entity and Relation Recognition for Software Engineering
Knowledge Graph Assisted Intelligent Software Engineering
Knowledge Graph-Based API Recommendation
Knowledge Graph-Assisted Software Testing Method