4. Novel sensors and actuators for robotics
Summary: This workshop is dedicated to new sensors and actuators for robotics, and algorithms for their processing data and control. Extensive research in robotics has spawned many new sensors and actuators, including event cameras (bio-inspired vision sensors with the key advantages of microsecond temporal resolution, low latency, and high dynamic range), biosensors, and soft actuators (shape memory alloys (SMAs), dielectric elastomer actuators (DEA), liquid metals, hydrogels, etc.). The applications of these new sensors and actuators in different scenarios of robotics have brought new challenges to their performance and control: 1) Algorithms for new vision sensors in traditional vision applications (visual odometry, SLAM, 3D reconstruction, optical flow estimation, etc.), 2) Promotion and application of novel sensors on robots (ground mobile robots, soft robots, UAV, etc.) 3) Structure design and control methods for more accurate soft actuators.

Keywords: Novel sensors, event camera, computer vision, soft actuators, robot

Novel sensors for robotic applications
Event-based vision and event camera
Design and control for bio-inspired actuators
Soft actuators for soft robotic applications